Heavily based in Olly’s SimbaRecorder:

This was modified to:

  • Allow recording while using remoteinput

  • Add frame filters to hide Username/XPBar.

Things to keep in mind when using recorder:

  • It spawns another simba thread, which means it will count towards the WaspLib maximum thread limit.

This can be used to record the last few seconds of a script shutting down/crashing.

type Recorder

type Recorder = record(TSRLBaseRecord) class var
PID: Integer;
Debugging: Boolean;


procedure Recorder.Start(window: PtrUInt; seconds: Int32; directory: String; userBox, expBox: TBox); static; overload;
procedure Recorder.Start(seconds: Integer; directory: String; userBox, expBox: TBox = []); static; overload;

Start the recorder.

  • window should be the window you want to record, hidding this parameter will use SimbaTargetWindow() for it.

  • seconds is the amount of “last” seconds you want the recorder to record.

  • directory is the directory you want the file to be saved to.

  • userBox and expBox are “box filters” to hide username and XPBar.